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The perfect hair revolution will be televised.  TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo gives you everything you need for the small screen: body, shine, strengthening, softening, and smoothing. This is why we call it perfect!

Put a smile on your face. Companion to the shampoo with the same name – TELEVISION Perfect Hair Conditioner gives you everything you need for the small screen: body, shine, strengthening, softening, and smoothing. The results – crazy good ratings.


Good for: Those who seek all the

qualities of dazzling hair.

Immerse yourself in moisture and shine with ATLANTIS. This super-hydrating shampoo brings dry and tired hair back to life while countering the effects of sun, coloring, and blow-drying.

For maximum hydration, use ATLANTIS to condition and revitalize the driest parts of your hair.


Good For: Anyone with dry, lifeless hair looking to restore moisture levels and shine.

A wellness-forward way to wash. Infused with hemp-derived CBD, this shampoo instills a sense of calm — and beautiful hair. Boasting a unique blend of hydrating and invigorating oils, it gently cleanses, without disrupting your scalp’s natural balance. 

This nourishing, sensorially appealing daily cleanser is ideal for all hair types.

Infused with hemp-derived CBD, this cream conditioner instantly detangles and imparts moisture without weighing your hair down. The result is beautifully soft, lustrous hair with enviable bounce.


Good For: All hair types looking for calming and gentle cleansing.

Keep it luxe with BEL AIR. This cleanser is enhanced with powerful smoothing properties specifically designed to lock in a seriously silky overall look and feel.

Up the glam with this second step into BEL AIR, a conditioner for smoother and straighter hair. Use with BEL AIR Smoothing shampoo for best results.


Good For: Thick, curly or frizzy prone hair.

For big, beautiful, bouncy hair, use DALLAS. This thickening shampoo adds vitality to fine, flat hair while nourishing and strengthening from root to tip.

The final step for hair as big as Texas. This thickening conditioner will prolong vitality and enhance shine.


Good for: Anyone with thin, fine hair looking for thickening benefits.

Play your best hair yet with CASSETTE. This curl-enhancing shampoo is designed to gently cleanse while maintaining and 

defining the shape of your curl.

Take the next step in curl definition with CASSETTE, a moisturizing daily conditioner that makes curls softer, smoother and more defined.


Good For: Tames frizz and adds optimal nourishment and shine without creating weight.

dry shampoos

Shampoo Mist transcends ordinary dry shampoo. Its revolutionary micellar formula has suspended cleansing powder leaving hair and scalp feeling cleaner than regular dry shampoos - with no powdery residue.


Good for: In between shampoo cleansing, to help remove build up. Soothing for itchy or dry scalps. Cleansing while wearing braids, weaves and wigs. Refreshing hair.

Feeling on top of the world when your hair isn’t? 

SKYLINE Dry Shampoo Powder is exactly what you need to get your hair feeling fresh 

and elevated.


Good for: Any hair that needs extra grip and elevation. 

Dramatically refreshes

second–day or 

post–workout hair.

Liven it up with DEATH VALLEY, the quickest way to get volume and body into your hair. This dry shampoo absorbs extra oil and adds texture for an untamed look.


Good for: Easy, big, messy Bardot (or Bon Jovi) hair.

Head for dry terrain with Badlands. One part dry shampoo, one part styling paste, 100% badass. Use when you want to extend the life of a blow-out or add volumizing texture.


Good for: Adding amazing second-day texture and 

absorbing oil. Its matte finish and reworkable hold mean no build up, just serious style.


Saddle up with RODEO STAR Thickening Style Foam to instantly add density and lift to your hair. 

Natural-feeling and non-sticky formula.

Good for: Giving dramatic volume to fine to medium hair of any length.

Takeoff with AIRCRAFT, this pomade mousse is perfect for creating second-day texture and separation while retaining body and shape.

Good for: Messy styles on any hair type or length.

For shapeable body, volume and shine, use CHIFFON, our lightweight mousse that gives the perfect balance of softness and structure.

Good for:Soft hold on waves to ringlet curls. Works on any length of hair.

waxes & pastes

Feed your inner control freak with CONTROL. This flexible paste offers strong hold with a semi-matte finish and a natural feel.

Good for: Styles that hold tight but never feel stiff.

Lightweight and non-greasy, CONTINENTAL is the ultimate wax for 

lasting hold, high shine and smooth or exaggerated texture. 

Water-based for easy wash out.

Good for: Pompadours and any other clean, glossy short hairstyles.

Hit the mark with DART to tame flyaways, sculpt and polish.

Good for: Creating long lasting texture and shapes, while taming on-the-go flyaways.

creme's & gels

Plunge into deep hydration and reflective shine with HIGH DIVE. 

Formulated to smooth and seal the hair, it moisturizes, softens and drowns out frizz.

Good for: Styles that favor moisture over hold; smooth-textured looks.

Cascade into an overflow of moisture + shine with WATERFALL. This lotion will leave hair glossy, soft and manageable. Perfect for fine to medium and extra-long hair.

Good for: Fine to medium and extra long hair.

Keep your locks spinning with TURNTABLE. This 

curl-defining crème is lightweight and designed to nourish and shape without weighing down wavy and curly hair or making curls crunch.

Good For: Blocks humidity, adds moisture and 

noticeable shine.

Tame and prep your curls with TWISTER, a lightweight primer that acts as a foundation for all your other styling products. Adds moisture for definition and to prevent hair from feeling crunchy.

Good for: Priming curly hair for styling.

For nothing less than perfection, use PARK AVE. Designed for blow-outs, this vitamin-rich balm gives hair a freshly-styled, smooth and sophisticated look.

Good for: Looking great.

Take your style anywhere with MOTORCYCLE, a flexible gel that has the pliability and shine of a wax with the control of traditional gel.

Good for: Applying to wet hair for controlled hold or using on dry hair for piecey hold and separation.

Sexy, messy and matte, MANNEQUIN is a natural-looking styling paste for volume, flexibility and shape.

Good for: Looking like you just rolled out of bed but weren’t asleep, not even for a second. Perfect for sultry supermodel hair.

sprays & oils

Let go of limits with OUTER SPACE, the hair spray stylists use on set to easily change looks.

Good for: Really just about everything.

Hold on tight with VICIOUS, the ultimate hair spray for a finished look. A seriously strong hold that you can brush through without cracking or flaking - and style and re-style all night-long.

Good for: Keeping your style together.

Make your hair the main feature with CENTERPIECE, a single product that does it all. This lightweight, multi-tasking styling spray is packed with rich oils to detangle, help fight frizz and hydrate while repairing and fortifying hair.

Good For: Can be used alone, layered under other products and to refresh styled or second day hair. 

Set SAIL with this lightweight spray designed to create natural, shiny, voluminous waves. Adds volume and texture for effortless body and a tousled effect. Has style memory so you can style again throughout the day.

Good for: All hair types to get soft waves or any other naturally tousled, shiny supple look.

Teasing that’s pleasing. This innovative, lightly tinted formula brings a bolt of energy to strands, adding durable grit and hold at the roots for an all-day ample look. It blends into any hair color for a dusty-free, flexible texture, thanks to resins and a polymer complex that creates an invisible, web-like effect between the hair fibers.

Good For: Adding a teasing effect at the roots + all over texture with a clean finish.

Blow it up big with BALLOON. This spray adds instant volume and texture with a great finish and hold - all without dulling hair or weighing it down. Long-lasting and ultra-light.

Good For: Fine hair textures or anyone looking for long-lasting dry volume and touchable texture.

Take one giant leap to good hair. This lightweight, aerosol spray controls frizz and absorbs instantly leaving a controlled satin finish and flexible hold. Tames flyaways and is designed to work in the toughest humidity.

Good For: This lightweight spray coats strands to calm frizz, effectively repel moisture and keep hairstyles intact.

Win big with TROPHY, a styling spray that adds the right amount of texture, volume and shine to any hair type. Hair looks naturally radiant almost instantly.

Good for: Hair that looks young, shiny and lived-in.

Put a tight lid on frizz and static with FOIL. This spray creates long-lasting, flexible control for smooth, shiny results.

Good for: Getting rid of static, taming flyaway hair, eliminating frizz.

A PINSTRIPE is the finest of details—the kind of thing you wear when you want to make an impression. PINSTRIPE brings out the finest details in your hair. It’s lightweight, adds shine and hydrates even the most 

unmanageable hair. Use it whenever you’re stepping out.

Good for: Seriously unmanageable or dry hair. Conditions and hydrates weightlessly.

For ultimate Texas-style big hair, use DALLAS, the quintessential spray for a mega blow-dry. Great for volume at the roots, control at the ends and an overall smooth look. Tons of body and shine without stiffness.

Good for: Every length hair. In addition blow drying for mega-volume, DALLAS is perfect for roller sets, hot rollers and curling irons.

Change your hair like you change your MOOD. Designed for curly or wavy hair, 

this heat-activated, humidity-proofing spray results in a silky blow-out level 

texture. Due to the heat activated polymers, when applied to hair before 

blow drying or flat ironing, less heat styling time is needed to 

achieve desired end look of straightened hair.

Decreases dry time by 27%*

Reduces frizz by 86%*

Increases smoothness and shine by 73%*

*Based on a clinical study using heat tools on hair treated with MOOD SWING compared to untreated hair.

Good For: Sealing in hydration, repelling moisture and providing mirror like shine.

Make your hair reflect light with TWO-WAY MIRROR. This lightweight, smoothing oil melts into hair leaving strands polished and lustrous without weighing them down.

Good For: Revitalizing + smoothing all hair types and textures.


in salon treatment

Bathe troubled scalps in this ultra-moisturizing restorative treatment.  Bringing both balance and hydration to irritated scalps, this

pre-cleanser utilizes the powerful regenerative benefits of micro-nutrient-rich hemp-derived CBD while witch hazel clarifies and reduces inflammation. The scalp is left invigorated and the roots nourished, creating a healthy environment for strong,

shiny hair.  The self-care all scalps deserve.  Benefits - 3x more hydration + moisturization.

Quench dry, frizzy or over-processed hair with this intensely hydrating 

in-salon treatment.  Reparative extracts deeply penetrate the hair fiber to drench strands in superior moisture, nutrients, strength and antioxidant protection. Your hair instantly feels more manageable, smooth and supple to the touch. 

A true antidote to heat styling. 

Benefits - Increases moisture levels by 2.5x after one application.

One treatment repairs damaged hair and reduces frizz for up to 4 weeks.

Hair color takes on the ultra-reflective, prismatic beauty of a gemstone with this color-locking in-salon treatment.

Pro vitamins and oils provide intense hydration and protection against color-ravaging stressors. A clinically proven complex seals in color and moisture, extending your hair color’s vibrancy, dimension and shine for up to 10 washes. Your hair is left smooth, bouncy and beyond brilliant. The perfect end to a hair color service.

Benefits - Reduces damaged hair and repairs split ends for up to 4 weeks.

One treatment retains color vibrancy with visual results for up to 23 washes.

Roughed-up hair cuticles receive a reparative makeover with this smoothing in-salon 

treatment.  Managing to both smooth down rough patches on hair cuticles and 

penetrate deep into the hair fiber to deliver much needed moisture and nourishment, this lightweight formula banishes frizz in an instant. Hair becomes stronger, softer, silkier and smoother than ever. The ultimate frizz fighter for coarse, thick, unruly hair.

Benefits - Helps to smooth down frizz and restore damaged hair for up to 23 washes.

After one treatment, hair feels up to 40% more smooth, hydrated and with increased shine.

Blonde, gray and white hair colors suffering from brassiness and dulling receive a light-reflecting revamp with this toning in-salon treatment.

Color-correcting pigments lay down a brass-neutralizing—yet stain-free—lavender hue to boost overall brightness while halting future dulling and fading for up to 

10 washes. The formula’s hydrating mix of vitamins, protein and botanicals 

enhances shine and elasticity as it protects your hair against yellowing due 

to UV rays. An instant toning refresh.

Benefits - Reduces damaged hair and split ends for up to 23 washes after a single use.

Hair is over 30% shinier, brighter and less frizzy after one application.

Treat fine or thinning hair to bigger, better, full-body texture with this thickening in-salon treatment. 

Lightweight so that it doesn’t deflate fine hair, this treatment increases strength while helping to prevent future thinning and breakage. Nourishing plant extracts revitalize your scalp to 

provide an optimal environment for hair growth. Inspired by Texas-style big hair, this service adds instant visual density to each of your hair strands for “bigger is better” results. The answer to limp locks. 

Benefits - Increases fullness of fine hair by 2x after one application

One treatment repairs damaged hair and split ends with visual results for up to 23 washes.

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